What every Seventh-day Adventist needs to know before visiting Israel

Treading  the Soil of Old Jerusalem & Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus.

 "Among our workers are some who feel that a great object would be gained if their feet could tread the soil of old Jerusalem. But God's cause and work will never be advanced by His workers wandering about to find where Jesus traveled and wrought His miracles. Would you trace the footsteps of Christ, behold Him in that hovel, ministering to the poor; see Him at that sick bed, comforting the suffering, and speaking hope and courage to the desponding. Those who walk in the footsteps of Jesus will do as He did."   - Ellen G. White, Review and Harold, July 30, 1901.

This page is sanctified to the purpose of sharing testimonies of those whose hearts have been touched by the testimony of the Spirit of Prophecy and have canceled all plans of ever going to old Jerusalem or the "holy land"; And have turn their eyes to the New Jerusalem and the heavenly sanctuary where Jesus is now at the right hand of God to make intercession for them, have fixed their hearts on bringing with them to its courts all who will hear and believe on such a wonderful Saviour.

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We found your website as we were praying and considering beginning to save up money and plan for a trip to Jerusalem.  We had been encouraged to do so by some fellow church members.  

After we read the quotes from Ellen White re: visiting the former "Holy Land", we took God's counsel to heart and cancelled our planning such a trip.  We see light in the counsel our wise Heavenly Father gave the prophet for our situation.

It is interesting that just after we decided against starting to save for a trip to Jerusalem, a newsletter came in the mail from Adventist World Radio (AWR), telling about a SDA pastor in California who broadcasts on the short wave radio to Cambodia.  Through his ministry a group of Sunday-keeping pastors as well as many others were led to accept the 7th-day Sabbath.  We were so excited at his testimony that we decided to put our money toward AWR instead.

Thank you, brother, for your website and ministry.  Time is so short until Christ returns, and so we each must live according to God's inspired counsel and do the most good through His loving leading and grace.

God bless you in return!

David and Jean Marie Smith